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>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

B-Monkey, who is in 6th grade, has been working on a country report these last few weeks. His country was Finland, not his first choice but the one he was stuck with. As part of his presentation he choose to showcase foods from Finland.

I searched the Internet for recipes, ordered foods and ingredients directly from Finland. Yes, I'm one of "those moms", you can stop your eye rolls now please. I timed all of this stuff to arrive perfectly on Tuesday ( yesterday) so him and I could spend tonight getting everything ready for his presentation on Thursday.

Everything was going according to plan, the food arrived just as I had ordered. Then he came home from school yesterday and told me his teacher moved his presentation date to TODAY, Wednesday.

Did I mention the fact that daughter A had a choir concert last night which meant I would be gone for several hours last night? This is when I said some not so nice things about a teacher to myself.

By the time I got home last night it was already past B-Monkeys bed time, so that left- Me, Myself & I to do all the work.

I rolled up 36 cinnamon sugar flat bread things

I diced up enough Finland swiss cheese to feed 36 kids

I mixed up a dip that had so many ingredients in it I loss track. Which after was all said and done tasted a lot like ranch dressing- GO FIGURE?

I bagged, labeled and neatly put away everything I drug out. Then I drug my sorry butt to bed.

I got up at the butt crack of dawn and explained , pronounced and showed everything to B-Monkey. As he was heading out the door I gave him the good luck I'll be thinking about you hug and sent him on his way.

Along his way to school he sent me at least a dozen text asking me again how to pronounce words. It's 6AM, my eyes are hardly open yet I needed to figure out how to teach a 12 year old how to pronounce FETA cheese via text. But I did it, because that's what us moms do.

As I was sitting on the couch debating on if I should clean house today or just take a lazy day my cell rings. It's the school, why are they calling my cell? So I answered and it was B-Monkey " Can you bring some crackers for the cheese and I need it by 10:00 , please"
I thought to myself can they little ummmmm eaters eat cheese without cracker....... but of course I said to him sure no problem.

So I drug my sorry butt up the stairs , threw on some clothes and tried to make my hair look better then it did. I drove to the store and being "that kind of mom" I couldn't just buy normal cracker...... I searched every box, bag and package to find ones that looked like they at least could of come from Europe....... gotta keep with the theme ya know. I buy said crackers and drove the 15 minutes to drop them off at school. Being a Mrs. cranky butt all along the way

Then on my way home I got one of these and all is right with the world again

Year of Mornings 46/365

But the question still remains...... Do I clean house or take a lazy day?

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Lazy Mom Leslie April 15, 2009 at 10:24 PM  

I vote for take a Lazy Day! But that doesn't come as a surprise to anyone! ;-)

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