46 weeks- or the things I learned this year

>> Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This past Monday marked the 46Th week since the husband started his new ( self employed) job out of state. It seems like yesterday when I was packing , sorting and organizing all of the stuff he would need for his "bachelor" life.

During these past 46 weeks I've learned so many things. 

* I've learned that nothing is ever written in stone. That plans can change with just one phone call or just one e-mail. 

* I've learned to only make plans for the special welcome home dinner. And to not buy all the ingredients until he's physically in his car on his way home. Otherwise you may have to feed said meal to your kids who may not appreciate as much as he would.

* I've learned that when birthdays are approaching to plan family celebrations around his week home.  Even though it may not be ideal, you learn to except it and move on. 

* I've learned that not having him here for our 13TH wedding anniversary really sucked. But again you learn to except it and move on.

* I've learned that going to school programs alone didn't kill me after all.

* I've learned that I can go to a wedding by myself. Even though I dug my heels in the sand proclaiming I would not go without him.

* I've learned that my social life didn't come to a end just because he isn't here. That sometimes being social with your friends is the best thing you need to get you through times like this.

* I've learned how to track flights, and all of the airport/airline codes which I could probably recite in my sleep.

* I've learned that I can function on little to no sleep, because I'm waiting for that call telling me he made it to Europe.

* I've learned that even though he doesn't call or e-mail me during the day, that he is just super busy and not dead on the side of the road some place.

*I've learned that he is a big boy and can take care of himself. So I don't need to "Mother Hen " him so much. 

* I've learned that he would risk life itself to get home to his family after not seeing them for 2 months. 

* I've learned that he is teaching our children the biggest life lesson they will ever learn. That no matter how old you get, if you have a dream and the opportunity comes up to make that dream come true go for it. 

* But most of all I've learned that I'm A LOT STRONGER than I think I am. 

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