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>> Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I had every intention to post this long and sappy post yesterday about my 13 wedding anniversary, but every time I sat down to do it I ended up in tears. As my blog title says he's there & I here 488 miles away and well as far as anniversaries go....... yesterday sucked! I spent yesterday either in tears or mad at the world. If I wasn't crying I was pouting, if I wasn't pouting I was crying. It was one giant crappy day that I thought would never end.

To make matters worse he was here last week for he week home and for the Thanksgiving Holiday. He left on Sunday to back to Arkansas........ he missed being here on our anniversary by two days! Two flipping days people, that's 48 hours! I just kept thinking why couldn't he of stayed just 2 more days? It wouldn't of mattered if he had to leave on our anniversary, at least then I would of gotten the hug, the kiss, the I love you, the Happy Anniversary in person. Instead I had to settle for the 2 minute cell phone call on his way to work.

It's a new day now, I survived , and life will go on. But mark my word I will be making sure his butt is here next year!

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