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>> Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm happy to report several things this morning.

1: The husband made it to Germany. I know this because I got my 1 minute phone call at 5 AM ..... " Sorry to wake you, made it here, e-mail you later, try to go back to sleep, Love ya". Which is a far cry better then the very first time he traveled to Europe. Then I got the crabby traveler phone call. He has since learned that no matter how bad of a flight he had , the wife DOES NOT want to hear the crabby traveler voice. 

2: I crashed last night about 11:00, when the husbands flight was still over Canada. I should note here to anyone who read my post from yesterday..... I don't sit here and stare at the computer watching his flight. It's just on my computer and I glance at it from time to time to see where he is at.I do other things to keep myself busy...... watch TV. read, play with the kids, surf the web, bake ( see post below)and like I said I just glance at the blip to see where he is. Most nights I stay up until the wee hours of the morning, because I know I will just toss and turn anyway, so why not just stay up until I can't keep my eyes open. 

3: A very dear friend of ours had a baby girl Saturday morning. Which is probably why I crashed so early. While mom and dad were in the hospital Friday night, I was the one picked to watch their 4 other kids. You add my 5 kids to the mix and that's 9 kids total under my care. If watching 9 kids all by yourself doesn't make you tired nothing will. I highly recommend it to anyone who can't sleep LOL . As a side note...... if you do happen to watch that many kids erase all thoughts of making homemade waffles and bacon the next morning out of your mind. Trust me you will be in the kitchen for hours!  If you do happen to make them, make sure you make enough batter, because when you get to that last kid to be feed you will find out that there isn't enough for you and you will then have to find something else to eat. Which may not be a bad thing after all since by the time you make waffles for 9 kids, the thought of even eating one could make you sick. 

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