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>> Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chris has asked several questions on some of my posts so I figured I would answer them all here.

She asked if I missed The Beast or The Hub's more?

ummm.... Both LOL No really I miss The Hub's more. While I do miss seeing The Beast in the garage I'm sure with time I will get use to it not being there.

She asked how I was knocked unconscious?

I was in grade school and was getting a drink of water at the fountain. A boy rushing down the hallway ran into me and I slammed my head into the wall. I passed out for like a minute and was sent down to the nurse. I stayed down there awhile and she then sent me back down to class telling me IF I felt bad to come back down. A little while later I started feeling sick and told my teacher this, but she just told me I would be fine and that it was almost the end of the day anyway. Well she was so wrong! While we were in our reading circle I tossed my cookies all over the place. Needless to say she sent me down to the nurse and I was sent home. The mind set of the 70's LOL Now if a kids gets a splinter they are calling home to let the parents know.

She asked if I liked the movie Taken?

I did like it but felt it was a little long.

Did I miss any Chris? Got any more questions?

Oh and Chris ya see the little thing to the right over there. The thing that says BUY MY ART- Well the means I DO sell my art. Just messing with ya :0)

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