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>> Sunday, April 12, 2009

Have you ever looked over there to the right at my profile and either

a: Smiled because you got it

b: Shook your head thinking I was a loon

Well I'm going to let you all in on a little secret, well it's not really a secret, it's more like how I look at life.

When I was 24 I watched my Mom die of pancreatic cancer. From the time she was diagnosed to the time she died it was just 6 short weeks. During this time she taught me the greatest lesson she could have ever taught me. That lesson is that all we really have is TIME. That life is just to f-ing short to worry about all the little things in life.

While I do sometimes forget this lesson and let life's little things get to me, the over all lesson is part of my every day life.

Like for instance -
I down right refuse to let the world tell me how I should live my life. I figure as long as I'm not breaking any laws or causing any harm to others, then the world can just mind it's own business.

I down right refuse to measure myself up against the "media measuring stick". Where if your NOT a size 2 your not a person. Yes, I'm a fluffy girl and if the world wants to judge me because of that they can just kiss my ass. It's their loss and not mine if they can't look past the fluffy parts to see the person inside.

I down right refuse to spend my days worried about how many carbs, calories , or fat grams are in the food I eat. If I'm going to worry about the food I eat, it's going to be about the stuff that shouldn't( and DOESN' T NEED TO) be in there in the first place , or the stuff that " mistakenly" got put in there.

Yes, I have tattoos, can swear like a trucker & I listen to music like To Drunk to F@#$( with my headphone on when my children are home). I drink on occasion and I smoke ( outside )

But, I also listen to Mozart and host tea parties. I volunteer at my kids school and help out in soup kitchens from time to time.

So all in all I'm a pretty well rounded person ( no pun intended lol)

I'm not really sure why I chose to post this today. Maybe it's because the anniversary of my Mom's death is quickly approaching. Maybe it's because I'm just so darn tired of reading so much hate in the newspaper and hearing about it on the nightly news.

Then again maybe it was just TIME

Whatever caused me to post this post I hope all of you will remember to enter my Spring Cleaning Contest

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