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>> Friday, July 16, 2010

I thought for sure that after the graduation open house party and the fourth of July, that things would start to slow down around here...... boy was I wrong !

I've been busy studying and PASSING my motorcycle permit test. Now I can ride my scooter outside of my subdivision without fear of being asked to see my permit. Next up my ABATE class so I can get my license....... oh joy!

I've also been busy getting ready to enter 4 of my photos into a local contest. My living room is filled with piles of photo supplies, so I can mount and display my pics.

The living room is going to get even fuller after today, when the shipment of Michael's dorm supplies arrives today. So hard to believe that in what 5 weeks my "baby" will get heading off to college !

Speaking of my "baby" he turned 19 this last Wednesday. His last teenage year! Where did the time go?

Oh well no rest for this woman today.

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