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>> Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well, I rode Scarlet for the first time around my neighborhood....... and it WAS SO MUCH FUN!

At first I just rode it around my yard. Barry said to practice in the grass first so if I fell I might not get hurt so much. So, that's what I did..... I put an entire mile on it just riding around my yard and my yard is not that big. I looked like a fool riding it with my helmet on in the grass, but I didn't care I was having so much fun.

After I fed Justin his lunch, I was going to ride around in the yard some more, but I got a little brave and took a ride down to the softball field at the end of my block. I got there, turned around and came back. I was going to do that over and over again, but when I got to the field the second time I just kept going around the block. I ended up putting 9 more miles on it that day !

That scooter is so much fun to ride. That's the most fun I've had by myself in years !

Up next taking the test to get my motorcycle permit. so I can ride outside of my neighborhood. Then in Sept. I take my motorcycle ( scooter) safety class so I can get my license.

Look out world there's a new scooter babe in town !!!!

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