Meet Scarlet

>> Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meet Scarlet- She was a early ( by 2 months) 40th birthday present from Barry. We picked her up yesterday.

I've been wanting a scooter for sometime now, to do quick trips to the grocery store, etc. and I guess my 40th birthday was a good excuse to break down and buy me one. I really wanted a Vespa, but sadly no Vespa dealers in my part of the state. So, he did some research and really liked the specs on this Honda model. We checked it out in person yesterday and Barry gave her two thumbs up, so I signed on the line and she was mine.

50 MPH- so I can ride on the back roads without much problems

90 MPG- GREAT gas mileage !


Plus storage under the seat. We ordered a top box ( trunk) so I'll have even more storage once that is installed.

Right now I'm a little ummmmm ..... balance challenged but I'll figure it all out I'm sure. The funny part is because it's over 50 cc ( whatever that means) I have to get my motorcycle permit/license in order to ride it LOL ! I also need to take a motorcycle safety class, which they now offer scooter classes, so I won't have to learn how to ride and shift lol.

Well, I'm off to replace the "No parking except for Dad " sign with a " No parking except for Mom" sign.

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