>> Monday, October 19, 2009

On Saturday while waiting in line for the shuttle van to take us on the tour of the dorms at USI, Barry & I were checking our emails. Oldest Son M was texting his girl friend so it was all good.

Anyway I quickly went through mine and looked over at Barry just when he got the WTF look on his face. I asked him what they wanted him to do now to which he replied...... "It seems that the president of the company wants me to go to Poland sometime next year"

I replied..... "Poland? What the heck is in Poland?!" He went through the entire story which in short..... they are going to open up a new division there and they want Barry to get it up and running. UGH! visions of him living in another country for who knows how long quickly filled my mind.

Heaven help me if he does!

The only thing that made me laugh when he told me this was the families on either side of us standing in line. They kept leaning over trying to listen in on our conversation. ROFL

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Easily Manipulated October 19, 2009 at 1:59 PM  

Ew...That sounds downright horrible. I can't even imagine. If they seriously ask him to go there, do you think he'll do it? Will he have a choice? Ugh. Good luck to ya, Hun!

Hey, and good luck to your son with college!!!

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