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>> Monday, October 19, 2009

Last Friday, oldest Son M and I drove down to Evansville so we could visit the USI campus on Saturday for their southern hospitality day. Barry drove up from Arkansas and we all met up at the hotel.

When Oldest Son M was a sophomore he decided that he wanted to be a graphic designer. At first he wanted to just go to a 2 year school strictly for graphic design. By the end of his Jr. year he was thinking about going for it and getting his degree in liberal arts with an emphasis on graphic design.

After getting many flyers for different schools and doing online research, he put USI on the top of his list of schools he wanted to visit.

We sat through little meetings, met a few teachers, toured the campus and visited the dorms. After taking it all in Oldest Son M decided that he could see himself going there. So, today he will be filling out the forms and I will mail them on Tuesday. Then it's just the wait and see game.

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