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>> Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today I went dress shopping for my 20th class reunion, that is a week from this coming Saturday.

Yes, I have put it off forever.

I'm not a fan of dress shopping..... period! I have a hard time finding a dress that doesn't make me a) look like a grandma or b) all of the dresses are made for someone much taller then me.

I must of tried on 40 dresses today and I found one that I can live with. It's black..... I always buy black. I tried on other colors...... purple, blue, even red but none of them looked good. Loved the way the top part of the purple dress was cut..... hated the bottom part. Same with all the others..... always liked one part but hated the other.

Why can't I just wear jeans?

Sigh..... I hate being short!

Now I need to find shoes. I found two pairs I liked. Tired them both on with the dress when I got home........ hate them both. So, they will be going back and the search will begin again.

Why must I have wide feet? It makes finding cute, sexy, comfortable shoes so hard.

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Jocelyne September 30, 2009 at 7:32 AM  

I just love shopping!! And recently picked up beautiful dresses at discounted price!!

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