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>> Sunday, August 9, 2009

Here is The Question of the Week that my friend sent all of us:

Are you very picky when you buy food(s) from the grocery store?

I have to be the pickiest person in the world when it comes to buying foods for my family. I believe that you should buy only the best , freshest , and in season foods. The the end result of a food dish is only as good as the ingredients that go into it. No amount of cooking talent or fancy spices will improve crappy food quality.

To that end I buy organic fruits and veggies whenever I can or from local farmers that I know and trust. I'm sorry but I don't see any reason for washing fruit and veggies in chlorine all for the sake of my food safety, I'll take my chances with my produce being washed with just plain water thank you very much. And who needs fresh strawberries in the middle of January that were grown in who knows what country? Local, fresh and in season are the way to go! My only exception to the fresh part is produce that I have frozen myself for use during the winter time. Yes , I may be eating strawberries in January but I bought them in June from a local farm.

I only buy milk and milk products that are rBGH free. I see no reason why we need to inject our cows with drugs just so they produce more milk. They say it's safe but who really knows what the long term effects could be. I also only buy whole milk because the vitamins in it are real & natural and not added to it like they do in skim, low fat, etc. milk. And yes, I buy and use real butter in my cooking.

I buy my meats from a butcher that buys his meat from the USA and not from some other country. Most of that is even from local farms which makes me feel good knowing I'm supporting the local guy.

Except for junk food I don't buy pre-packaged foods. I've never liked the taste of those pre-packaged foods anyway. They may be quick and easy, but many of those items can be made in the same amount of time and it not only tastes better but you also know what's in it.

No fake sugar in this house ! While I do buy it for when friends are over and they use it , I personally will never use it myself. Not even that stuff they say tastes like sugar..... it's still not real sugar no matter what they say it tastes like.

My only exceptions to these "rules" are the foods I buy from Europe. But since I know their standards are much higher then ours ( banning the use of rBGH and other drugs in their foods) I will buy from them knowing I'm getting good quality foods. Plus those foods I do buy are super high end and the hoops they have to go through to produce them have been in place for decades .

So yep I guess you could say that I'm very picky about the foods I buy.

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