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>> Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello my little blog, boy have I been busy this week.

I'm doing all the back to school stuff this week and as much as I'm looking forward to school starting next week..... I dislike the back to school stuff just as much.

Please tell me why teachers need to be so picky when it comes to school supplies? I get the whole certain color folder for each subject, but why oh why do they need a clear ruler ! Do they have any idea how hard it is to find a clear ruler? It's not easy trust me on that one.

Lets see I've also been busy talking to Barry. Yes, folks I have been talking to my husband! He hasn't been very busy at work this week and has been able to make phone calls home every night. I was starting to forget what his voice sounded like lol

If all goes according to plan he will be home this weekend and all of next week! I'm not holding my breath, but I for one will be thrilled if he comes home.

In other news:

I got my new cooktop to replace the one that broke last week. I picked it up on Monday and my Dad was in the area yesterday so he came to install it. Except like everything else in this house it didn't fit. The opening needed to be a 1/4 inch bigger and of course my Dad didn't bring a saw. So, he's coming back today with his saw. My poor kitchen and dinning room look like a war zone with all the pots/pans and whatnot all over the place. The cooktop is sitting where it should be, yet not hooked up and I just walk by it and curse the builders of this house for not making anything standard size. I'm dreading the day when the built in oven dies, which with my luck it will be next week. I just don't want to know what it's going to take to replace that sucker!

Well, I'm off to the store to pick up some chips since I promised the kids I would make homemade salsa today. At least that doesn't require a cooktop ! lol

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