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>> Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First off to answer a few questions that were asked-

My photography classes are a distance learning class. They send me the books, audio CD's and DVD's , tests, and the assignments. I'm not under any sort of time frame to get each Unit done, I have 2 years if I need to get the entire program finished. They give you guidelines as to how long each until should take to complete, but it's a go at your own pace type of program.

I will post my photos after I get them back and they are "graded" by my instructor. I'm not even going to let my family see the pictures before I send them off. The reason being that I don't want my family and friends to tell me they look great, etc to only be let down after my instructor sees them and picks them apart telling me what I did wrong or could of done different.

The knife sharpener I got my friends is an electric one by Chef's Choice. You can buy them pretty much at any place that sells knives. They start at $50.00 and go up in price depending on the model you get and what kind of knives is sharpens. It really is worth spending the money on a good sharpener.

In other news-

We lost power last night around 6:00 and it didn't come on until after 9:00. Our entire subdivision and the one next to us was completely in the dark...... so not fun at all. Since moving here we have lost power so many times it's not funny anymore. I'm starting to think that the power company should give us a refund for every hour we are without power !

If you all could send some good thoughts to Barry and the company he works for that would be great. They passed their American inspection ,so they are now able to make and ship parts here in the states, but this week is the European inspection. The European inspection is much harder to pass then the American one ( go figure) and if they pass it they will be sitting pretty. They have all the European jobs lined up and quoted , the only thing they are waiting on is the inspection. Poor Barry put in over 70 hours last week getting ready for this inspection.

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