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>> Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Year of Mornings 42/365
Year of Mornings 42/365

Follow Your Dreams has been my motto for the last few years and it all started with this necklace.

Every year for either my birthday, our anniversary or some other occasion, The Husband always gives me a gift card to my favorite day spa. I always spread the money out through out the year and I was down to my last 50.00 or so and treated myself to a hot stone massage..... my fav. After I was done being pampered and was checking out I noticed all these necklaces on their front desk marked down 50 %. My eyes and hand went almost instantly to this one and without even thinking about I pulled it off the stand and paid for it.

Maybe it was the very relaxed state I was in.

Maybe it was all the aroma therapy candles they had burning.

But I some how felt drawn to this necklace, like I was meant to have it. And from that moment on I have taken it as my own personal motto.

Whether it was supporting The Husband to Follow His Own Dream to become self employed.

Or being Brave Enough to Follow My Own Dream to start selling some of my photos

Or lately just Dreaming about Following My Dream of living in Europe some day.

So what about you?

What is your motto?

What are your Dreams?

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