Could You Tell?

>> Monday, April 13, 2009

Could you tell yesterday that I was bored? When I'm bored I tend to make way to many posts in one day.

That happens when-
The Hub's is in Arkansas for yet another Easter and spends his day working from "home". Which means I hardly got to talk to him.

Son M spent his Easter with his Dad

Daughter K had to work

Daughter A spent the entire day texting with her friends about how bored they all were at their family gatherings

B-Monkey spent most of his day playing outside with friends

J-Bird spent his day like he always does- playing games on the computer.

Which left me to make a ton of posts on my blog lol

But I did manage to cook a full Easter dinner, complete with homemade brownies- no box mix for this girl.

Back up all my iTunes ( can you say took FOREVER!)

Back up all my photos on my external hard drive ( can you say FOREVER again !)

Took a soak in the hot tub. With all the neighbors looking at me like I was strange. Um hello we bought the darn thing to use, so I'm going to use it Thank You very much.

Polished off an entire bottle of wine by myself. Which is something I never do! Normally I just have a glass a day until the bottle is gone But for some reason yesterday I just kept pouring. Oh well I slept really good last night lol

So that was my Easter in an egg shell lol

Today I'm sitting here watching the rain and listening to B-Monkey & J-Bird fight over the computer. Is it Tuesday yet?

Don't forget to enter my Spring Cleaning Contest And to post any of your photography questions you may have !

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