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>> Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Over the past year, since the husband took this new job, the same question has always been asked when I run into friends ( or meet new ones) who don't know about the new job. That questions is " How do you keep your relationship together when your so far apart and don't see each other much?". My knee jerk reaction is always..... lots of phone sex but I'm keeping in PG 13 here so don't run and hide on me folks.

I thought it would be a little fun to post some tips and tricks that the husband & I have come up over the past year to help us through all the time apart. They could even be useful if your sweetie is only a few feet away.

So are you ready? There will be a test at the end so pay close attention :0)

1: Keep your batteries charged at all time....... your CELL PHONE batteries , get your mind out of the gutter already.

2: Develop code words for all of those naughty words you may use while talking on the phone, e-mailing or texting. Because if your like us there is always a child listening in, reading over the shoulder or God forbid your Dad ask to see your cell and he just so happen to read your text that you forgot to delete. Though you may have to come up with a good cover story for this person named "Peter" that your always talking about.

3: At least once a month you need to have an all night gab session. During this session you will no doubt talk about how you two use to do this when you were dating, which will be followed by much laughter. The next morning you will follow up with emails says things like how much fun you had, followed by how much easier it was to function on little to no sleep when you were younger.

4:When he's home for the week and starts getting on your nerves, just smile and walk away repeating to yourself..... he's only home for a week.

5: Send frequent photos of yourself to each other, so the other person remembers what you look like. Clothing is optional in these, but these type of photos should be marked for your eyes only in the event that you happen to open up said picture and a child is close by.

6: By now your probably wondering what licorice has to do with this post. Nothing what so ever, I just have a taste for some.

7: Make sure when he does come home it's not while the "Aunt" is visiting. If this happens please see tip 2 on how to handle this.

8: Every once in a while send little care packages to each other. These can be filled with much loved food items to underwear ( don't ask).

9: If you happen to spend a week with him at his extra small house, make sure he buys a can of WD 40. Also if tip 4 comes into play smile walk away repeating to yourself..... we're only here for a week.

10: And last but not least , remember that even though he's not around his pay check still comes so go out and buy yourself something nice once in a while. Since he's not here he'll never know about it.

Now that the note taking section is done please take out a clean sheet of paper, sharpen your pencil if needed so we can behind the test.

2 Love Notes:

Stacie March 4, 2009 at 2:25 PM  

good for you guys, gotta keep it fun!

Chris March 4, 2009 at 8:15 PM  

#4 Was definitely my favorite. LOL Great list =D

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