I'm NOT YOUR Relationship Fixer!

>> Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oldest Son M's Dad and I broke up when Oldest Son M was a few days shy of turning 2. Hurt feelings left along time ago and for the most part we get along really good. We can have a conversation about something other then Oldest Son M and I had no problem inviting him to M's 18 birthday party last summer.

That being said for some reason that man seems to think I'm his " relationship fixer". A few years ago when he was in the middle of a divorce, he called to let me know so I could tell Oldest Son M. That would of been fine except he spent the next HOUR crying to me about how much it sucked and asking me what he could of done to fix it. I didn't offer much advice simply because why should I as his ex fix his relationship problems? Even more so when they were the same reason why we broke up! UMMMMM HELLO!? have you not grown up in the last how many years?

I didn't give it much thought after that, until last week when he called me not once but THREE times! The first 2 calls were about Oldest Son M, but the last one ended up about him talking about the problems he's having with his now girl friend.

Come on buddy we BROKE UP 16 YEARS AGO, don't you have a friend you can talk to this stuff about? Have you not figured out by now that you keep repeating the same relationship problems over and over again?

UGH! Maybe I should just start changing him for therapy time........lol

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Stacie's Madness March 2, 2010 at 2:18 PM  

CHARGE HIM...or say next time...

ok you want me to be your friend here you go:

and then list out the stuff he's doing wrong.

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