Thank You Contracts !

>> Sunday, October 25, 2009

I never thought I would be grateful that Barry signed a two year contract, but in this case I'm thrilled !

I got to talk to him yesterday, yes folks I'm a happy girl because I got to talk to him for a whole 30 minutes before he left for work last night.

Anyway while we were talking I just said point blank...... what's the deal with the Poland thing. He laughed and said it's not gonna happen. The reason being is that he's only under contract with one division of the corporation. Even though the president of the corporation asked him to go to Poland to start up the new division, Barry can't go because of his 2 year contract. Sure he could pull a lot strings to make it happen, but the odds of him doing that are very slim. He knows how important he ( Barry) is to the division he is under contract with and pulling those strings would bring a huge legal mess. That's not to say that he couldn't ask Barry to go visit Poland from time to time, but that would only be for a week or two and we ( Barry & I) can live with that. He could also put off starting up this new division until after Barry's contract is up, but that's a whole 2 years away and neither one of us is going to worry about something that is 2 years away.

So here's to 2 year contracts! It's not only keeping Barry employed but keeping him here in the states.

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