Why, Why, Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> Friday, September 4, 2009

Why is it when it comes to the celebration part of my birthday I always get the shaft!!!!!!!!

I bust my butt making sure that each of my kids & Barry's birthdays is special for them. I make or buy the cake ( depending on what they want). I make or we go out to dinner( depending on what they want). I do so much for them to make that day special for them.

Yet, when it comes to my birthday I'm the one doing all the f-ing work!

And this year is no different ! And to make matters worse I don't even have a car so I can go out and buy all the stuff. Oldest Son M's car is in the shop and he's been driving my car to and from school and work this week. And my " back up" car won't start today..... battery is dead I'm guessing. Yes, I could put the charger on it but it's so tightly against the garage wall that I can't reach the lever to open up the hood.

So now I have to wait until Oldest Son M gets home from work at 11:00 PM so I can go out and buy all the stuff I need to make my own f-ing birthday cake. Which means I will be baking/making a cake all night long when I could be making it now when I have nothing to do.

GRRRRRRR and I just got a text from Barry he will be getting home later then he thought..... they need him to make a part before he leaves. I swear to you if this part keeps him from coming home this weekend I will rent a f-ing car and hurt his boss and all the owners of the company.

Please tell me why does stuff like this ALWAYS happen around my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dcan September 6, 2009 at 12:07 PM  

I hope you had a great birthday! I think it's the plight of being mom - that you end up planning everything even your own Bday. I just had my 39th a couple weeks ago and my kids complained when I made the family take a long drive to have a birthday dinner with some friends. Luckily I'm not a cake person because I would have been dissappointed! Hope you have a great year!

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