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>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So, Daughter A started making herself some noodles from lunch today. A few minutes later she comes to find me and tells me the cooktop won't light. I have a built in cooktop and built in wall oven that I hate, but that besides the point right now.

So, I drag my butt into the kitchen to see what's up. I cleaned the cooktop yesterday and thought maybe something was stuck in the burner and it wouldn't light because of it. I checked it out and nothing was stuck and it's wasn't wet either. I then turned on the burner and no click, click like I always hear before it lights. Check all 4 burners and the same..... UGH! the electronic ignition thingy is broken.

I've spent the last few hours looking at new cooktops online and for the price of just replacing the cooktop I could get a whole fricken oven/range ! And you know darn well as soon as I replace the cooktop the built in oven is going to die, because that's the way things always work.

Looks like the side burner on my Mac Daddy grill is going to get used a lot until I figure out what to do with the stupid cooktop.


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