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>> Monday, August 3, 2009

I take a lot of photos with my cell phone, mostly to show Barry what we are doing through out the day. Sometimes to show him what we are eating and he's not.... I can be so mean lol. These are a few I've taken with my iPhone since getting it.

A refreshing drink I enjoyed yesterday. I would like to point out that there isn't a giant hole in the center of my table, well there is now but that's our fire pit table and when I sit out there during the day I remove the fire pit and put a umbrella in there. It looks weird but it keeps the sun off of me.
Some chili cheese fries that B-Monkey made all by himself. He even made homemade cheese sauce. He loves to cook just like his mama.
My first try at making BBQ beef ribs. I've made pork ribs before, but never beef ones. They turned out really good, need to do some tweaking on the sauce but other then that they were really yummy.
A nasty storm that rolled in a week or so ago. I was standing on my front porch when I took this and right after I took the shot the sky's opened up and it poured.

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Easily Manipulated August 4, 2009 at 11:12 AM  

Nice pics! Don't you just love the iphone??? I love mine, too.

Those ribs look so yummy!!! Please share your method of cooking them. I'd really like to try my hand at ribs (I'm thinking pork ribs), but I've never done it and don't want to waste them! I asked my dad, but his method is rather involved...He does a dry rub and then smokes them for half a day and then adds sauce at the end. So how do you make them??

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