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>> Monday, June 22, 2009

This is going to be a long post, so you may want to grab something to drink and a snack.

I started my photography school work. I knew I couldn't wait until today to start lol. I have finished 2 lessons in Unit one already and have taken 1 test. Right now I'm in information overload, since I have a basic understanding of what I'm ready about, I find myself thinking about all the books I have read about photography. I need to figure out a way to shut that off in my brain and coming at this with fresh eyes. I'm sure I will figure it out with time. So far I'm enjoying the classes and I'm looking forward to the photography assignments. Though that means I needed to make friends with my camera again. Which I think I have, I spent the better part of a day cleaning her up ( yes she is a girl and has a yummy purple ribbon covered camera strap to prove it ) and organizing all my gear again. I even played around with several of the lens I have this weekend. They ( the teachers) really stress about not going out and buying new stuff just because "so and so pro photographer" has it. They want us to really know and understand the equipment we already have.

Moving along....

Oldest Son M is in his second week of summer school, his choice he's taking two required classes this summer to get them done and over with. That way he will have some free time to take some fun classes his SR. year. Plus since his Freshmen year all he has heard was take these classes in the summer if you can, they are much easier in the summer. So for once he listened lol. What really sucks is that we both are still getting up with the birds during the summer. UGH!

My flat tire still isn't fixed , so I'm still using the spare. I went on Monday to have it fixed to only find out it's beyond repair and of course they don't stock my tire and it had to be ordered. I need to cal them today and see what's up with that since I still haven't gotten a phone call they promised I would get when it was in.

Thursday I picked up all the Fourth Of July fireworks that Barry ordered. That was so much fun.... NOT ! Nothing like feeling like a rolling fire bomb! The man really needs to read things more clearly..... everything was buy one get one free and he ordered 3 of somethings, which meant we got 6. Plus we got a whole bunch of free stuff for the amount of stuff we bought. It's going to take the entire weekend to use it all up.

Barry came home on Friday, which was an event all in itself. About 3 hours before he was suppose to be home he calls me and says he's having problems with the van. That he was looking for the nearest exit and would call me back. 15 minutes later he calls and tells me he found a repair shop and that the engine is probably shot on first inspection. Which meant I had to come get him ! I quickly write all the info. down so I could type it into GPS girl.

First I had to take Oldest Son M to work, making sure Barry called Daughter K to have her pick him up after work. I knew if I called her I would get the attitude, so better to have Barry do the calling. So I get him to work, go through Wendy's drive through to get myself something to eat, I hadn't eaten anything all day ! Then I'm on the road to pick him up. If you live in Northern Illinois you know that Friday night they had some nasty storms come through. Well, I drove through those ! Thankfully I was on the edge of them, but even that was bad enough. At times it was pointless to even have whipper blades, the rain was coming down that fast. So, I made it to where I needed to be ( good GPS girl lol) , picked him up, loaded all his stuff into the Tank ( nickname for my SUV), switched seats so he could drive home and back on the road again.

Saturday we celebrated Father's Day, since Barry was leaving to go back to Arkansas on Sunday. We all went out to lunch and I would like to say it was uneventful, but I would be lying to say that. Daughter K was picking at the skin on her arms and I said to her, please don't do that it's rude to do that at the table and in a restaurant. She just rolled her eyes at me and continued picking. It wasn't until Barry said something to her that she stopped. Then as we are getting ready to leave, Barry asked me if I had change for a twenty so he could leave the tip. I said no and Daughter K says I think I may have some but it's in my purse in the car. She drove to the restaurant since Barry told her she needed to get the car washed before Sunday since that was the car they would be taking down to Arkansas. I should have kept my mouth shut but I said to her don't leave your purse in a car your just inviting someone to break into it. Again she rolled her eyes and says to me what's the big deal it's just in the parking lot and the alarm is on. I just looked at Barry and said see this is what I have to deal with every day!

When we got back Barry fixed the law mower again. The lever things that hold up the wheels have been broken for two years now, and every year he fixes them. Why he won't just buy a new mower is beyond me! He also cut the grass, first time since he took the job in Arkansas. Needless to say Oldest Son M was thrilled, since that has been his job for the last two years.

That night Daughter K had a date and Barry told her she could go but on a few conditions. the boy was to pick her up and he was to come inside to meet him. In the past the boys would just call her from their car and she would go running. We happened to be outside when he came to get her and she introduced her Dad and I was standing not 2 feet away and she totally forgot me. Guess it was pay back for the restaurant stuff. After they left I said to Barry did you notice how she forgot about me? He said yes I noticed, bla, bla, bla. No big deal, I'm done with her attitude for the summer , she is his problem now.

After they left Barry played Frisbee with B-Monkey and I played around with my camera taking photos of them and some of my flowers.

Sunday I got up to take Oldest Son M to work and stopped by the grocery store on my way home to pick up stuff for a surprise Father's Day breakfast for Barry before he left. They left around noon and after that I headed to Home Depot to pick up some lawn care stuff and a few more plants for my planting beds. I got those all planted, though halfway though it started raining and I got soaked lol. We grilled out and had S'mores. Which I'm so proud of myself.... I made for very first fire in our firepit table thingie lol. Ok it took me FOREVER to get it going, but I did it and that's all the matters..... right?

I think that pretty much covers all that has been going on here the last week. I hope you enjoyed your drink and snack.

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