The Weekend

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm completely aware that a new weekend is upon us, but I forgot to post about Sexy Stud's weekend home. I blame PMS, which would probably account for my mood lately.


Friday Sexy Stud and I went out to lunch and then went to Target & Home Depot. We are looking for a wall like structure to put around two sides of the hot tub so we can have some sort of privacy when the neighbors are outside. I've seen what I want in a catalog but the price is out of the range I want to spend. So it looks like I will have to get my Dad to build it for me. That night I grilled steaks, potatoes and some corn on the cob. Which for corn in May it was REALLY good! After dinner Sexy Stud took B-Monkey to the store to get the game he has been saving for.

Saturday I talked Sexy Stud into edging the walk ways , something he said he would do last fall but never did. Only thing I had to do was clean up the mess he made..... no problem. While he did that I went around and popped out all the dandelions out of the yard. I put down weed & feed a few weeks ago, but it's not working fast enough so I did it the old fashion way. Of course I got sunburned.... when will I ever learn!? For dinner that night I grilled pork tenderloin on a cedar plank. The smell of cedar on the grill is heavenly ! Along with that I grilled garlic red skinned potatoes and more corn on the cob. That evening we just hung out on the front porch watching the lake and finished the bottle of wine we started with dinner.

Sunday ,Sexy Stud was going to leave, but when he woke up he checked the weather down in Arkansas and saw it was going to rain all day Monday so he decided to stay another day. Fine by me! That afternoon we went to a birthday party for a friends son who turned 13. Had a good time.... yummy food and conversations always make for a good time.

Monday Sexy Stud left around 9 AM which just left me and the kids for the holiday. Which was pretty much uneventful. I grilled some Italian sausage, made my grandma's fried cream corn with the left over corn on the cob and that was pretty much it for the holiday.

I think that's pretty much it. Better late then never I

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