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>> Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm really not as snobby and bitchy as I sound in my last two posts..... ok maybe a little.

The whole kids screaming thing.... I get it they are just having fun but there is a fine line between screaming while having fun and screaming just to scream...... and those two kids crossed that line a long time ago. They both hit this pitch that I swear will break glass! And it just not for a few minutes, they scream the entire time they are outside and their parents just let them do it. Um, I'm all for letting kids be kids but could they at least have them not scream all the time?

The ball thing... I know it was an accident. Not like the kid did it on purpose. But they saw me sitting in the sunroom, one of them could of at least said they were sorry and offered to get the ball down for me. If they didn't have a ladder they could of used ours. Oldest Son M said he would get it down today after school. And being the nice person I am I will give the ball back..... I'm not one of those cranky neighbors that keeps all the balls, etc. that land in their yard.

Now the grill thing..... I am a snob about that one. I've seen and eaten way to much grilled food that was ruined because it was cooked all wrong. Even Sexy Stud knows who to call when he has a grilled food question. Just last week he was grilling pork chops and called me up to ask how long he should cook them. Maybe my neighbors like overcooked food and who am I to judge them on that, but I'm still going to enjoy the comic relief I get from watching them grill.

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Easily Manipulated May 27, 2009 at 2:40 PM  

I will SO have to remember that you're the grilling guru!!! I just recently got my grill all put together, and have been grilling at least twice a week since Easter. At least!

But I haven't quite gotten a handle on cooking times and when to flip and how often to flip and how often to check. etc etc etc. I will learn, as I did with cooking on the stove, but if I've got a consultant (usually, it's my dad), that always helps! :-)

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