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>> Friday, May 15, 2009

Took these when I was taking a photography class. Click on them for larger views.

Playing with light- Took this in the bathroom with the lights off. I used a clamp light and bounced it off the pumpkin orange walls. I used a white foam core board as my back ground.


Taken on my kitchen counter - I get amazing sunlight in there in the evening. I used a spray bottle with a fine mist for the water droplets.


Same set up as above


Same set up as above

Pepper seeds

Same set up as above.


Same set up as above-minus the water of course

Odd One Out

For this shot I used club soda for the bubbles. I weighted the lime down with ice, then place the glass in front of my kitchen window so the light shined through it. You must use a tripod when taking shots like this! I also used my timer so I didn't get any camera shake. A tip if you run out of bubbles is to sprinkle a tiny amount of salt into the glass and the bubbles will come back as long as the club soda isn't completely flat.

Lime Bubbles

Our lake is filled with geese every winter. I sat on a dock for over an hour watching to see what they did before they flapped their wings so I could capture this shot.


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Easily Manipulated May 16, 2009 at 11:46 AM  

Hi There! I came looking for your You Capture and came across these photos first! They're gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lime one!!! I may just steal the idea. :-) I will be taking a photography class, starting next week and I couldn't be more excited! I've never taken anything like that, so it'll be cool to learn some of the different things that my DSLR can do. Great photos!!!

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