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>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sexy Studs check came yesterday and I HATE having to go to the bank and depositing it. While I'm sure you all think I'm out of my mind let me just give you a sample of the crap I have to go through each month.

First there is the " Is he here to sign it?" Ummmm No do you people here ever pay attention or remember anything? He works in Arkansas & I live here, they told us over a year ago all I had to do was sign the back with FOR DEPOSIT ONLY and everything would be fine. Can you people PLEASE put that note on our account already!

Then it's the WOW what does he do for a living look. He gets paid once a month, he a contract employee ........ Ya know all those taxes and other deductions they take out of your check? Well guess what when your a contract employee more often then not they don't take those out of your check, so WE have to pay them. Would you like that bill???? Didn't think so, lets move along already.

Now we move onto the " This is over our drawer, I need to have my manger OK this" Yes, I know I've been doing this for OVER a year now...... You go do your thing and I'll just stand here playing with the chain on the pen.

But my favorite is " We may need to put a hold on this" Ummmmm..... See that little notation on our accounts? That's a lovely letter from the PRESIDENT of your bank letting you know that you WILL NOT PUT A HOLD ON THESE CHECKS! Have any of you ever read that?!

UGH! I wish he could get direct deposit so I wouldn't have to go through this ever f-ing month.

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