Year of Mornings 52/365

>> Thursday, April 23, 2009

Year of Mornings 52/365

This is Muffin

She lays on J-Birds feet every morning, while he watches cartoons before school.

We call her cat-dog...... when your sitting at the table with food she begs just like a dog. We even have to have code words for certain foods. If you say the word turkey around her she will try to climb up on you thinking you have some to give her. She's also a doughnut thief! Daughter A was eating mini doughnuts on the couch and Muffin snuck up and grabbed one and took off running.

When the kids come home from school she runs down the stairs to greet Daughter A. She meows at her non-stop as if to say where have you been all day. And if we've gone on vacation we are always prepared to listen to her for at least 30 minutes..... it's like she's chewing us out for leaving her home alone for so long.

But my favorite one is every morning, once the weather turns warm, she meows at me to open up the sunroom door so she can go watch the birds. She won't leave me along until I open it. She will run back and forth between me and the sunroom meowing until she gets her way.

Yep she is my 6th child....... 7th if you count The Husband lol

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