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>> Saturday, April 11, 2009

Trophies that The Beast has won

First trophy won ( second from the right) was 2nd place custom. He knew as soon as he saw what the judges rode that he didn't stand a chance of winning 1st. They all rode fully dressed Harley Davidson's and that was the kind of bike that won. Oh well a win was a win.

Second trophy won ( far right) was 1st place - Radical. It was for a ride he went on with ABATE of Indiana for the Make of Wish Foundation.

Third trophy won & his pride and joy ( the piston) 1st place- Radical Class. This one was voted on by the people and if he had won Best of Show his bike would have been in Easy Riders magazine. He didn't get Best of Show but was still thrilled to win 1st place at this one.

Fourth trophy won ( not pictured) Best of Show. This contest was put on in our subdivision and he won a huge packaged of car cleaning supplies. While winning it was fun, taking a picture of it is not so fun so I left that one out lol.

Fifth trophy won ( far left) Best of Show. A local church has a car and bike show every year to raise money for local groups and he more or less walked away with this trophy since there wasn't many bikes entered. Oh well a win is a win.

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Anonymous April 11, 2009 at 6:54 PM  

Nice collection of awards!

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