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>> Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When people come over to my house they are always a little shocked to see all the high end, name brand stuff in my house. But what they don't know is , that except for a few items I have NEVER paid full price for them.

My "secret" is that I shop at Tuesday Mornings and T J Maxx for 90% of the stuff I have in my house. Name brand items on the cheep !

Case in point- I have been searching for a white pitcher , mostly to hold flowers in, but I'm picky........ VERY PICKY. So I headed out to Tuesday Mornings today ( it's a weekly thing) and I'm walking around looking at all the stuff when I find this-

This oh so yummy and just what I was searching for white pitcher ! So I'm checking it out to make sure it looks good. You never know what shape things can be in so you REALLY need to check them out. I turned it over to check for the brand and-

Do you see that there? That's a Ralph Lauren ! Did ya see the "suggested" price? $93.00 ! I don't care how much I loved it I would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS PAY THAT MUCH MONEY! So I turned it over again to check for the price and........ wait for it..........

Yes, my lovely blog readers I paid 20.00 ( and change) for a Ralph Lauren pitcher that was marked $93.00 !

But wait there is more. Since Tuesday Mornings is just about next door to T J Maxx I went over there to have a look around.

First I checked out the purses- nothing that spoke to me
Next onto the kitchen section- nothing spoke to me there either. Same with the bath section.
Onto the bedding- Check out the sheets...... a set caught my eye...... This will go with my bedding I think. Turn it over to check out the thread count......... 800 WOW yummy...... lets see the price................... $59.99........ regular price $299.98.

Hello Lover you are coming home with me and mama is going to sleep like a queen tonight !

So my blog readers if you ever happen to be in my house don't be jealous of all the stuff I have....... I'm just a good bargain shopper that's all.

Oh and a side note- Ya see that stand mixer up in the first picture? I paid $100.00 for that !
Wanna come shopping with me ?

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