I'm Back :0)

>> Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm back from the weekend visit with The Husband.

A weekend visit for a few hours we thought wasn't going to happen after all.

He left Wednesday to head up to Rockford, Illinois for his business meeting on Thursday. About 30 minutes into his trip I get a call from him....... the transmission went out on the van and he was waiting on a tow truck.

Several hours later he was back on the road again , after a guy from work let him use one of his car. He drove until 1 AM and then found a hotel for the night. Got up at the crack of dawn and drove the last 4 hours for his meeting. A meeting that lasted an hour....... then back into the car again for another 3 hours so he could come home.

All in all we had a great visit with him. It was short but much enjoyed.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend.

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