Scrooge !

>> Friday, December 11, 2009

My kids high school was having a holiday door decorating contest. It started this week and the judging was to take place next Monday. One of Oldest Son M teachers asked him to design her classroom door. This stressed him out but he took the challenge anyway.

He's been working on it all week and then he came home yesterday and told me they had to take it all down. Why? because their "officer friendly" told the fire Marshall about what the school was doing and it breaks the fire code laws. I guess by covering the doors with paper and battery operated lights ( in some cases) it becomes a fire hazard.

I get it , I even understand it,...... but it's frustrating ! Why can't they let these kids have a little fun? I almost bet that if it was for the football team they would have stayed up, because we all know that the football players are the "golden children" of the school and get whatever they f-ing want.

So to you Mr Scrooge Officer I say......... BAH HUMBUG!

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