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>> Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Daughter A's , Grandma K called here last Saturday. Daughter A had spent the night at the friends house Friday night and wasn't home yet, so I gave her g-ma her cell number figuring it would be easier that way. A little while later Daughter A texts me I'm going to go do something with g-ma on Sunday is that alright. I of course told her that's fine.

Sunday morning we were having breakfast and I asked her when she was getting picked up. She told me that she was to call g-ma when she was ready. A couple hours later Daughter A comes to find me to let me know that her g-ma was here and that she didn't come to the door she just called her - insert my eye roll here.

A few hours later she sends me a text I'm bringing a whole bunch of stuff home with me just so you know. I figured g-ma took her shopping or something since she missed 2 birthdays and a Christmas.

Oh no that would of been way to easy ! G-ma took her to see great grandma and her Dad. Guess what they did????? Over the last 2 years they boxed up all of her stuff she had there , stuff they bought for her, and the sent it all here ! All of her dolls, barbies, stuffed animals, little kids movies, you name it they sent it home with her. Her room is packed full of boxes she can't even get to her closet. She's been going through it taking out stuff she wants to keep, but most of it she has out grown.

So anyway she saw her Dad, which she wasn't all that thrilled about doing. She said he was nice and all and she was nice..... but she's still pissed off at him for how he treated her all this time.

Her new hair didn't go over all that well either, which I knew it wouldn't . The last time they saw here she had hair almost to the middle of her back and it was her natural hair color , which is a sandy blonde. Now it's short and she had it colored a reddish brown with while blonde highlights. It's cute and so much her. Her dads long time girl friend said to her I can't believe your mom let you cut your hair short and color it. Hello people it's hair, it will gown back if she want's it to !

they said they will keep in contact with her better, but honestly I'm not hold my breath over it.

Oh well ...........

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