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>> Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Barry moved into a new rental house last week. It's in a better part of town , much bigger, and has a garage.

While it's a better place the stove is how shall I put this............ a piece of crap. There isn't a oven rack and all the cleaning supplies in the world wouldn't clean the stovetop.

Because of this his ways of cooking are pretty limited. He has a microwave, one of those George Forman grills , and a electric skillet.

He just called me on his way to the grocery store...... Help I need to know what kind of things I can cook with the limited cooking utensils I have. I couldn't help but laugh.

Ah Men what would they do without us women ?

2 Love Notes:

Stacie's Madness November 4, 2009 at 10:50 AM  

I could TOTALLY survive with a george forman grill only!

Easily Manipulated November 5, 2009 at 4:12 PM  

Ack! He needs a hotplate! lol Good lucky, Barry!!! :-)

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