>> Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My birthday is this coming Saturday, I'll be 39.

For months now I have racked my brain with trying to come up with something I wanted for my birthday this year. I knew it was only a matter of time before Barry was asking me what I wanted and I just kept coming up with a blank.

That was until I was at the appliance store picking out the replacement cooktop for the one that broke. As I was looking at cooktops I kept eyeing all the refrigerators , I have drooled over them since the day we moved into this house.

I've hated the one that came with this house since day one. It is way to small for us, a full 4 inches smaller then the one we had in our old house. While that may not seam like a lot of space when your having to stock it for a family of 7 every inch counts.

On my way home I wondered if I could ask for a new fridge for my birthday? Would that be an odd thing to ask for? Would it really be my birthday present when it's really for the house? I decided that it was worth a shot and if getting a new one meant calling it my birthday present I was fine with it.

So, I sent Barry an email when I got home telling him I bought the new cooktop and saved us some money since the one I really wanted wouldn't be in stock until the end of August and I needed one now. Then I asked him if it would be weird for me to ask for a new fridge for my birthday this year. Pointing out how we both hated the fridge and how small it is. I hadn't heard anything from him about it and chalked it up as a lost cause. That was until he came home a few weeks ago and asked me what kind of fridge I was thinking about. I rambled off what I was thinking about and the next day we went shopping.

After looking at so many fridges and finding out that the one I really wanted wouldn't fit ( this darn house has nothing standard size!) I found one that I loved. A french door style in stainless steel. It was delivered yesterday and after the guys left I squealed like a little girl with delight.

Happy early birthday to me !

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Easily Manipulated September 2, 2009 at 10:30 AM  

How fantastic! When we bought our house, it was brand new. We had them include a new fridge in the price of the house and I did a little dance when I showed up at the house and my pretty cream colored french door refrigerator with water dispenser was all set up and waiting for me to fill it with food. Awesome feeling! And happy birthday, Girl!!!

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