Getting Older By The Second

>> Friday, June 5, 2009

What to know something scary?

Tomorrow Oldest Son M, my "baby" ,will be taking his SAT's !

How did that happen? It really does seem like yesterday that I put him on the school bus for the first time. And here he is getting ready to start the process of going off to college.

I'm getting older by the second !

What's even scarier is that in a little over a month he will turn 18.


He wants a party, just a small one. But he wants his theme to be a walk down memory birthday lane of sorts.

He wants a picture of his first birthday on his cake. What soon to be 18 year old wants that? But he's getting it.

He wants chicken to eat, since for his 10th birthday we had chicken. He works at KFC why in the world he even wants anything to do with chicken on his birthday I will never know, but he's getting it.

He wants to watch all of his favorite childhood movies. Some of which are impossible to find on DVD !

The only birthday he wants nothing to do with are.... the two he spent traveling with his Dads family. Not that they were bad trips, he just spent his birthday in either a car or plane.

And he wants nothing to do with the two we spent moving, though I did offer to box up all his He didn't like that idea.

I think I'm going to sneak all those birthdays into his party some way. Maybe with a toy car, plane and some boxes for the decorations.

Where did the time go?

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Stacie's Madness June 5, 2009 at 1:54 PM  

time flies too quickly that is for sure!

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