Flat As A Pancake

>> Saturday, June 13, 2009

I had to pick up Daughter A last night in town.

I was on my way home, came around the corner and heard this loud sound coming from the car. I asked Daughter A if she heard it and she said yes. As I get to the stop sign the sounds stops, turn the corner the sound starts again and is louder now. I get to the next stop sign about a block away and turn into the subdivision and park.

I get out praying please let it be the muffler and not a flat tire. If it's the muffler I can drive it home, it would be annoying but I could still drive it home and worry about it tomorrow.

Check the front drivers side tire it's fine.

Check the rear drivers side tire it's fine.

Check the front passenger side tire it's fine.

Check the rear passenger side tire.... FLAT AS A F-ING PANCAKE !

Now, I know how to change a tire, my Dad taught me years ago.... except I can never break the lug nuts.

So, back in the car to grab my cell to call a friend to have him come do it for me.

Sent Barry a text to let him know I had a flat.

Call Oldest Son M to let him know.

While waiting on friend ...... one guy stopped and asked if I needed a jump, a couple walking stopped to ask if I needed help. Yet a cop drives by and doesn't even bother to see if I need any help..... what's up with that?

An hour later I'm back on the road to home and now I need to get a flat fixed.

Can I just please have a weekend to relax?

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