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>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Munich Germany

Munich, Germany- Canon Rebel xti *

As good as spending the day at the spa was on Monday..... yesterday was just as bad.

The day started out with me having to drop off paperwork at the insurance company for Oldest Sons M 's car accident. He's covered under his Dad's insurance, but since: a) We live closer to the company & b) We had the paperwork...... his dad asked if I would drop it off.

The company is in Hobart..... I hardly ever go to Hobart. So I typed in the address in GPS girl and two address come up ( both the same) I hit the first one and away I went. 15 minutes later I arrive......... AT A HOUSE! This is not where I need to be. Frustrated I make my way back to the main road and pull into the nearest parking lot so I could type the address in again. This time I hit the second one...... it wants to take me in the same direction...... not falling for that one again.

Think Terri..... THINK...... maybe if I just type in the name of the company....... it's searching...... and searching. During all this searching I grab my phone and search the web for the insurance company to make sure Oldest Son M's dad gave me the correct address.... maybe they moved and he didn't have the new address....... address was correct. GPS girl is STILL searching..... I get frustrated and stop the search...... maybe if I just type in the name of the street and skip the numbers it will give me something. This works and has me going in a different direction...... find the place, drop off paper work and all is good again.

On my way home I stopped at Home Depot to pick up a bench glider for my front porch...... It's replacing a wicker bench that is falling apart. Get that, then stop at Target to pick up some stuff there. Get home, unload everything and start to put the glider together. Everything is going well.... I'm a little frustrated with the little wrench things they give you to put it together, but I deal with them. An hour and a half later I'm done...... noticed 4 bolts left over...... could these be extras? I check out the directions to see if I skipped a step...... no....... check out the glider for where they could go....... sure enough 4 holes in need for 4 said bolts..... check the directions again ........ that step is missing! A VERY frustrating hour later I get the 4 bolts attached.

I think I need another spa day to recuperate from yesterdays frustrations.

* The photo above has nothing to do with the post. Just sharing some old photos I took.

2 Love Notes:

Easily Manipulated May 20, 2009 at 9:36 AM  

Ugh...I am NOT a fan of Hobart...I ALWAYS get lost. I can't tell you how many times I've put an address into my iphone's google maps thingy and ended up in the entirely wrong place. Or missed a turn because the stupid thing didn't show my dot in the right place. For all the good it does, technology can really be a pita sometimes.

Sorry you had such a crummy day! Hope today's a little better. :-)

Stacie's Madness May 20, 2009 at 12:18 PM  

hahah. Hobart IS a confusing little town. LOL

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