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>> Friday, May 29, 2009

I spent most of the day yesterday deep cleaning my kitchen, and thought it would be fun to give a little tour of the most used room(s) in the house. Click on the pics to see them larger.

First stop the sink area. I so want a new sink and faucet! The sink is white and even plastic scratches it & the faucet whistles whenever it's on.If you look in the window on the left you can just make out some of my fresh herbs, the rest are in large pots on the back patio.
Turning to the right is my prep area. I love that cutting board, I got it at Ikea a few years ago. Up above is some of my dishes & a few serving pieces. The cabinet to the left has mixing bowls, glass pitchers & a few other odds and ends. Down below , the drawers house silverware and my knives. The cabinet houses all my bakeware & to the left the lazy-susan houses all of my smaller kitchen appliances.
Turning to the right again, we come to the cooking area. First stop pots & pans, also my pizza stone for the grill. To the right is where all my baking sheets are stored.
The cooking area..... I hate it! It's way to small for a family of 7 ! The small upper cabinet is where all my spices are stored as well as all my cooking oils. The drawers below the oven store all of my serving platters and the two drawers under the cooktop store the racks to some of the platters. The cabinet above the oven stores the slow cookers and a few larger pots. Above the microwave is where our barware is stored.
The fridge-yes it's white - it came with the house. Yes, the front is always that empty. You want to see inside right?
Here's a peek inside. The top drawer is filled with cheese. Don't believe me here's a close up.
What can I say we love all kinds of cheese.
Turning to the right again you get a little sneak peak of what we call the coffee bar. the glass door cabinet stores our glasses and a few of our wine glasses. the cabinet to the right stores paper plates, storage containers, vases & candle holders. Down below- to the left is all drawers. that stores kitchen tools, foil, etc. To the right that cabinet stores the toaster and stuff I use for parties,
Here's a close up of the coffee bar area. One of these days I want to paint the buffet black to match the bistro table. The buffet stores all the coffee cups, coffee/tea & a few cook books. That room over there is what we call the fireplace room.
Here's some of my cook books & cooking magazines. If you look down to the left you can just make out the cats ears, she was eating when I took the pic.
Here's a shot standing in the fireplace room.
And lastly here's a shot of my dining room- the place we eat all the time.

You may be asking yourself..... where does she store the food? Well, if you walk through the coffee bar area and take a left you will come to the bathroom. No, I don't store the food in there, but outside of it is a closet. I think it's suppose to be the linen closet, but I use it as the pantry. It's a PITA having it that far away, but you do what you have to do I suppose.

Well, that's it I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our kitchen.

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