Stop Calling ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> Thursday, April 16, 2009

For months now we have been getting these phone calls from a pharmacy company looking for a person who does not live here. It's one of those computer automated things saying is So and So there it's time to refill your prescription.

I always say No to all the questions. The one time I did say yes I was that person ,with the hope that I would get a live person to try and solve this matter ,all I got was another stinking computer ! UGH!

I have looked them up online hoping to find a phone number to call.... NOTHING. All they have is a stinking form to fill out.

I have filled that form out so many stinking times now and every time I get a reply that the matter will be taken care of and we are so sorry to trouble you.

Has the matter been taken care of....... HELL no because I just got yet another call a few minutes ago! And two yesterday!

Even letting it go to voice mail doesn't help because the computer will leave a message! Yet I can't talk to a real live person to fix this problem.

And there's probably some poor woman in need of her meds that she's not getting.


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