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>> Friday, March 20, 2009

When the kids get home from school today, they will be starting their Spring Break ( lucky them why don't SAHM ever get a Spring Break?). I hadn't planned on doing anything other than sleeping in, God how I hate hearing the alarm go off at 5:30.
After talking it over with The Husband, I will be heading down his way for a few days. Just me , the open road, and a 12 & 11 year old. All I can say is thank you lord for portable DVD players, iPods, & game boys, because 8 hours in the car with them two is not so much fun.

The other 3 will not be coming with me this time. Son M will be spending a few days with his Dad, daughter K has to work ( her getting time off is not easy at all) and daughter A just didn't want to go, so I wasn't going to force her. The girls will be staying with some friends of ours while I'm gone.

I'll be leaving on Wednesday and will return on Sunday. But don't worry I'm taking the laptop along with me so you'll be hearing from me while I'm gone. One can only watch so much cartoons!

I had to laugh because The Husband asked what I wanted to eat while I was there. I resisted the urge to say a stand rib roast, but settled for anything eatable and a I.V. of Sonics cherry lime-aids.

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Stacie March 20, 2009 at 12:17 PM  

have a safe and fun trip. :)

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