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>> Friday, March 27, 2009

The first time I came down to Arkansas to see The Husband was a year ago Spring Break. He had only been in Arkansas a little over a month, and most of that month was spent in Europe.

He didn't have much of anything in his rental house. A chair taken from home, a lamp, a tiny little table, a kitchen table and dresser that came with the house, and a folding table he used as a desk. He didn't even have a real bed until 2 days before we arrived. Up until that point he was sleeping on one of those blow up type beds.

I spent most of my week trying to make his rental house feel more like a home. I hung photos brought from home, went shopping for little odds and ends, the boys even brought their art projects they made in school. All of this done to try and make him feel happy about coming home to an empty house.

The last two days of my trip was to be spent in Memphis. It was a reward to the boys for behaving so well and having to do without the things they are use to having..... like watching cartoons. I had brought with me a small TV and DVD player so they could watch movies, but since The Husband didn't have cable yet, they were stuck watching movies over and over again.

The day before we left for Memphis, and while The Husband was at work, I went around hiding little Love Notes for him to find after I went home to Indiana. I tucked them in his sock drawer, I put them on his laundry soap, and on the bottom of his laundry basket. This one above was put on the inside of one of his kitchen cabinets and it's still there a year later. While I will never know his reason for keeping this one, it does make me smile whenever I see it.

2 Love Notes:

Stacie March 27, 2009 at 12:45 PM  

did you leave him notes this time?

Terri March 27, 2009 at 1:10 PM  

Sort of. I made him a video message ( on CD) that I will be leaving on his desk before I leave on Sunday.

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