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>> Monday, March 23, 2009

You may recall that a few days ago The Husband asked me what I wanted to eat while we were down in Arkansas visiting him. Mostly what I wanted to eat the day we arrived. I thought this over for a day, thinking about his kitchen skills and replied with taco's. Since they are easy to make and also heat up well in the event I'm running late.

A day goes by and I get a text from him " I have a taste for fajitas, what about those for dinner when you get here?" My first thought was this is a little above your pay grade in the kitchen dear, but OK. I sent him a text back saying that sounds yummy. He replied " Can you send me the directions on how to make them?". I replied ( with eye rolls) sure no problem. So I sat down and typed up a nice e-mail with all the directions so he could easily understand it. Thought that was the end of it, oh how I was wrong.

Sunday I get yet another text from him " Could you send me a grocery list with items you guys would like to eat while your here, plus the stuff I need to get for the fajitas?" My first thought was OK buddy we've been married how long do you ever pay any attention to the food that is in this house ? For the love of God man your 50 years old! You should know what we all eat by now ! But I lovingly replied..... sure no problem. So, I sat down this morning and typed up an email with all of the things he asked for.

Then around 6:00 I get a text from him " I'm heading to the store in a few to get all the things on the list, wish me luck". I replied have fun and good luck. About 30 minutes later another text I can't find flank steak , where should I look for it?" OK buddy , first off your in a grocery store that I have been in ONCE and your 488 miles away from me, how on earth can I tell you where to find flank steak?! But I lovingly called him back and said in my sweetest voice....... I'll just buy it here, toss it in the marinade and bring it with me so you don't have to spend hours searching for it. His reply " Oh that would be great thanks"

OMG ! MEN what ever would they do without us?

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Anonymous March 24, 2009 at 4:43 PM  

I am just dying laughing over here!!! That sounds so familiar. And it reminds me of Bill Cosby talking about how men do nothing right. It's a plan they've devised to make sure that we women just do it ourselves.

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