Valentine's Day

>> Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am down right refusing to put Happy in front of Valentine's Day. While I'm sure it is a happy day for many in the world, for me it's anything but happy. Well maybe that's going a little bit to far, so lets just say that I'm not thrilled about today. 

While I do have a Valentine  that loves me...... he's 488 miles away right now and that just sucks! He told me to be on the look out for something today, which I'm sure I will love , but it's still not the same as having him here. 

What really sucks is that our traditional Valentine's Day celebration won't happen this year. Back when are kids were small, we would wait until they all went to bed to have our Valentine's dinner. We would order some yummy food, he would pick it up and we would eat it picnic style in the family room. Even after we had "built in" teenage babysitters we continued this tradition. 

While I'm sure I will live through this day ( I lived through him not being here on our anniversary ) right now I just feel like sulking. 

So to all of you who do have a Valentine - hug them extra tight today. And to all of you who don't have one- have an extra glass of wine on me. 

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