>> Thursday, February 5, 2009

The husband is on his way to Illinois today for a meeting. The kids are at school. So except for the cat making her cat noises , all is quiet in the house today. 

While I do love having the husband home for the entire week, listening to his cell ring all day long, the one sided business calls, and his lap top going "Message for you sir" can drive you a little bonkers at times. Plus I get way behind on everything..... except for naps LOL. But no naps for this woman today. I have roughly 8 hours to catch up on all the stuff I need to catch up on, which includes finishing up his surprise birthday party this coming Saturday. 

Speaking of surprise parties I have a funny to share. We were on our way home last night from daughter A's choir concert. He says to me you should wash my van on Saturday since it's going to be warm. I said nope sorry not gonna happen, besides I have a cake to bake. He's like not on Saturday, remember my birthday is Friday. I said don't you remember M. & B are coming over on Saturday for cake since they have plans on friday? ( * This is my fake out story) He says I thought that wasn't happening anymore since you haven't said anything about it. I told him that's what I was talking to them about after the concert( their daughter is in choir too) .  Anyway a little while after we got home he says to me.... Since M & B are coming over Saturday for my b-day I want to make homemade ice cream. I'm turning 50 and if I want homemade ice cream I think I should be able to have it. ( We have a hand churn that has been in his family for years and make ice cream for the kids b-days ever year) . I said if you want homemade ice cream, you can have it dear. I'll run out and get the stuff to make it. OMGosh it took all I had in me to not bust a gut, because he's going to be making ice cream for his own surprise party. 

Funny, just way to funny! 

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Chris February 5, 2009 at 2:03 PM  

LOL - You're so sneaky!

Love the new layout!

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