The Husband- A Rant

>> Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When the husband first took this job a year ago, the posts on my blog were pretty much me whining about how much it all sucked. After awhile I picked myself up and started living again. Since I was in a better place ,I went back and deleted all of my whining posts, mostly because just knowing they were there made me depressed. Many would of just left them, as a way of remembering how far they've come, me I had to get those suckers out of there.

Over the past year I've never really publicly ranted about the husband. When I do need to rant, I head straight to the phone and call my best friend. I rant to her for many reasons, the main one being that she just listens because she knows I just need to get it out.

So here I am standing on my soap box and I'm going to rant about the husband.

If you've read my blog you know that he came home this past weekend for an unexpected visit. With March being very busy for him, he just doesn't think he will be able to come home at that month. So having him come home for the weekend was such a surprise. On Saturday I already had a pre-planned baby shower, which I was taking the girls to. That was all good since it gave him time to spend with the boys. That evening him & I spent the evening watching TV together.

The next morning I get up around 8:00 and he's still asleep, no big deal he's put in some really long hours so I knew he was tired. He got up around 11:30, we have a little small talk and he heads straight for his favorite couch. Which only means one thing...... it's nap time. Yes folks, he was only up maybe 15 minutes and he fell asleep! So there I sat all day long listening to him snore in the other room. Around 5:00 he wakes up and comes into the room I was in and lays on yet another couch. I swear if it wasn't for friends coming over to see him that night he would of fallen asleep again.

Now when he's home for a week this would of not bothered me as much. But because he was only home for the weekend and he won't be home for a month ( could be longer) this down right pissed me off. I mean come on you know your not going to see your family for a month and you spend the entire day sleeping?


So what about you, do you have a rant today?

3 Love Notes:

Chris February 25, 2009 at 11:31 AM  

I hate those types of weekends! For me, it's "favorite recliner with headphones & movies, music or books on tape". It makes me think, "Ya know... you could've sat in your truck at a truckstop and done that."

Stacie February 25, 2009 at 11:49 AM  

ugh, men is right.

I am sorry it wasn't all you wanted/hoped it would be.

Annette Piper February 26, 2009 at 8:58 PM  

LOL, yep sounds just about right. Just take a deep breath .... and take comfort in the fact that at least he came back and shared his snores???

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