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>> Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I meant to post about this on my post below for Wine Lesson Wednesday, but "mommy brain" took over and I forgot.

Many people may be wondering just how do I figure out the different fruits, etc. that I taste in the wines I drink. 

The answer to this question is multi part. First off I do a lot of research on the wine itself. Sometimes this is not always possible due to the wines being new to the country or many of the sites are not in English.  Next I relay a lot on my local wine seller and Sommelier. I like to pick both of their brains for all kinds of information about wines in general. I've also been know to have one or both of them over to try some of the wines we've received as gifts from business associates. They especially enjoy this when it's wines they have never tasted before.

I also received as a gift an aroma kit, similar to this one. Which is more or less just a kit filled with different scents to help you learn about the different grapes, soils, etc. used in winemaking. 

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