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>> Wednesday, January 28, 2009

With all of today's "drama" with the husband I was starting to think I wasn't going to get this weeks lesson posted. But he's fine, so why not..... and while I'm at it I may just need to have a bottle or two..... just kidding...... sort of :0)

I know is last weeks lesson I said I would be talking about a wine from France and South Africa, but I thought I would change things up at bit and talk about accessories instead.

Wine Glasses:
Do you need to use the proper wine glass for each and every style of wine you drink? No , not really. Does it help with the flavor of the wine, yes it does, but the wine police isn't going to come arrest you for drinking wine in a plastic cup is you choose to do so. Some of my favorite glasses are these, but I'm equally happy to drink out of these. There's just about as many styles and brands of glasses out there as there is wines. What you really need to look for when buying them, is how it feels in your hand, making sure the lip of the bowl is flat and not round, and the size of the bowl ...... the bigger the better in my book. 

Are they needed? Again not really, but they do help with the flavor of red wines. Pouring red wine into a decanter ( known as decanting) adds air to the wine which in turns "boosts" the flavor experience. For the most bang for your buck I highly recommend buying a system like this one, where you not only get the decanter but glasses to match.

My all time favorite opener would have to be this one. So much so that if the house was burning down I would run back to get it..... OK maybe I wouldn't do that but I still love it all the same. For on the go opening ( friends parties, picnics, etc) I use one like this . It's compact design makes it east to tuck into even the smallest of bags. 

Some other accessories you may want to have around would be..... a wine chiller, wine decanting funnel , wine bottle collar, wine pump, bottle stoppers, a cellar, a wine thermometer  and a glass brush

Until our next lesson.... Salute ! 

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