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>> Friday, January 23, 2009

In my beautiful balloon.  Extra points if you can name who sang that song. You don't win anything other than bragging rights that your either a) a music geek , b) really good at surfing the web or c) old enough to have heard that song on the radio......... your choice LOL

Anyway the husband is now on his way back to the states. At least I think he is since I have no way to track his flight until he's in U.S. airspace. Which can be really nerve wracking at times. 
I do have something to do today that will keep my mind ( hopefully) off of him flying. My good friend, who had a baby last Saturday, needs to go to the DR. today and hasn't been released to drive yet and her man can't get the day off of work. So I'm taking her, which I'm thrilled to do since I will get to spend time with her cute little peanut baby. My favorite way to spend time with babies.... spoil them , then hand them to Mom when they get cranky. :0)

In other news is anyone else like me where things ALWAYS seem to break when their husband is out of town? It all started last Saturday when the water in my tub wouldn't stop running. I had to shut the water off to the entire house until my Dad could get here to fix it. Which wasn't very fun considering I had 4 extra kids here. Every time someone needed to use the bathroom they had to find me so I could turn the water on long enough so they can flush. Luckily that was an easy fix and only required a new washer...... always the tiny things isn't it?

The latest happened last night. Daughter K called me from the mall....... the car won't start, but so and so Dad is in the area and said he will come look at it. He got it started but it only got as far as Home Depot and died again. So she calls me back to let me know , and I tell her I'll send a tow truck ( her friends parents stayed with her and brought her home once he got there so don't think I left her stranded) I get on the phone and call the insurance company, which I swear they just about want a DNA sample to prove I am who I am, UGH!  I had the car towed here at home, which was another ordeal. Like almost everyone else on the planet he used GPS to find our house...... and using GPS to find my house takes you the wrong way. First he calls me to say I'm at the gate and can't get in( we live in a gated subdivision , don't be jealous it's not all that great). GPS always takes you to the side gate which you need a barcode to open the gate. I told him this and got him to the front gate, which is manned. Then I know all to well that GPS has our house half way down the street, so I sat and waited until I saw him coming so I could run out there and stop him. By the time I got out there he had already missed the house and  was at the park at the end of the block. I will give him credit though he backed that truck all the way from the park to our driveway. 

Do you think it would be wrong of me to hire a man ,when my husband is out of town, to take care of all these problems? LOL

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Stacie January 23, 2009 at 12:18 PM  

lol Hire a man. I wanna hire one too, but that might be called prostition or escort...maybe. ;)

Thank goodness you have your dad around to help you out when you do need him.

Hope your hubby gets home safely or at least into US airways safely!

Chris January 23, 2009 at 12:52 PM  

Holy cow a lot of people sang that song. I didn't realize it until I went and googled it.

I say hire a man!! I want one, too! It always seems that a car breaks when he's gone.

Hope you're having fun with the new baby & will be checking back on hubby's arrival.

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